Go Charlotte is home styling for today's trends.  We are a family run business right in the heart of Pennsylvania.  My kids and husband help with the business as well, whether it is organizing, packing, shipping, keeping up with social media, and updating the website. 

We started Go Charlotte with imports and florals but found that we wanted to manufacture our own products. We purchased a dye sublimating system and set it up on our dining room table.  Soon we were printing our own pillow covers, ornaments, and cutting boards. These products, especially our pillows, have taken off and now we have 2 printers and focus on our pillow covers.

We all help out here at Go Charlotte. I do the pillow designs and marketing. My husband does the printing and pressing. My daughters do the modeling and photo shoots. My son helps out with data entry and clean ups.

We still cultivate collections of home decor and florals for you. But we are very proud of our in house made pillow covers, originally designed.

We'd love to hear feedback from you. Tell us what you love about Go Charlotte or what we can do to be better.  Thanks for stopping by.

Heidi Payne

Payne Family 2022

Left to right, William, Heidi, Elizabeth, Sean, and Charlotte